Inside the Northeast’s Largest UFC Gym

UFC Gym North Brunswick: More Than Just MMA

Muscle & Fitness (M&F) Director of Media Development Frank Sepe and Chief Content Officer / Editor-in-Chief Zack Zeigler visited the UFC Gym in North Brunswick, New Jersey as part of their ongoing Gym Tours series.

Owned by Raghav Sharma since 2020, this impressive 28,000-square-foot facility is the largest UFC franchise in the state and the Northeast region. . ​Although it carries the UFC brand, the gym’s offerings extend far beyond mixed martial arts training.

“We are not just an MMA gym,” Sharma clarifies. “Bodybuilding, fitness, MMA, boxing, kids’ activities and classes… it’s all here. We have about 20 kids in the program who are learning to box,” Sharma unveils.

The gym also provides a medical center, ensuring a holistic approach to health and wellness. It features an extensive range of obstacle course race obstacles, including rope climbs and six-foot wooden walls, as well as specialized CrossFit stations for those focused on functional fitness and competitive training.

‘We Wanted to Serve the Bodybuilders As Well’

Showcasing a commitment to bodybuilding, the facility includes a posing room and a remarkable selection of Arsenal strength equipment to satisfy the most earnest bodybuilders. “As we took over, we aimed to offer more, catering particularly to the needs of bodybuilders,” Sharma states. Moreover, a zone dedicated to cardiovascular exercise allows individuals to elevate their heart rate within an invigorating, warrior-inspired atmosphere. “Everyone’s full of energy, embodying the spirit of a warrior. That’s what we strive to foster,” says Sharma.


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Train, Pose, and Record Your Podcast

Near the rear of the gym, nestled next to the posing room and a cardio station, is a stocked podcast recording studio fitted with plenty of mics, cameras, and professional lighting.

Attention to Detail

As Frank and Zack toured the facility, they were impressed by the attention to detail and the way each space felt like its own unique area. “I like the way you set this up. Each individual feels like its own space,” Frank comments. Whether it’s the Garry Tonon Jiu Jitsu area or the sanctuary for bodybuilders, every corner of the establishment is carefully designed to enhance the experience, cut down on traffic jams during rush hours, and to provide something for all fitness enthusiasts.

Get in Touch

If you’re in the North Brunswick area and looking for a top-notch fitness facility, UFC Gym is definitely worth checking out. With its wide range of programs, experienced staff, and impressive amenities, it’s no wonder this gym is making waves in the fitness community.Phone: +1 (732) 658-1689Email: raghav.sharma@ufcgym.com

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