Peloton Adds Fire TV And Apple Watch Integration While Reducing Pricing

Peloton reduced the price of its digital-only memberships and launched on Amazon Fire TV and Apple Watch apps so members can access workouts outside of owning a Peloton bike. 

The high-end exercise bike company announced the app additions on Wednesday. Peloton is also dropping its pricing for digital memberships from $19 to $13 a month, according to CNBC.

“Peloton wants to be everywhere you are, from your wrist to your phone or tablet, or even to your TV, to make your workout experience even better,” the blog post reads.

For Apple Watch users, the Peloton app will provide metrics like heart rate and pace and distance. You will also be able to see how much time remains on your Peloton workout. 

The Amazon Fire TV integration will allow users to directly access the Peloton app onto their smart TV to take a variety of classes like strength, yoga, stretching, and more. 

Digital Trends reached out to Peloton to find out if more app integrations will happen in the future — such as for Android smartwatches or other smart TVs — and we’ll update this story once we hear back. 

The digital membership is leaps and bounds cheaper than owning a Peloton bike, which starts at $2,245, plus an additional $39 a month to access 24-hour cycling classes. CNBC reports that the company is looking to move away from having its core user base as cyclers to cater to a broader fitness audience with more accessible price points. 

While the company is known for its high-end luxury bikes and devoted fitness following, one of its holiday commercials has gone viral, and not necessarily for a good reason. Many people have called the 30-second clip sexist and that it has a distinct theme of the husband subtly telling his wife to lose weight. Peloton has since responded to the backlash of the ad, saying it was meant to “celebrate that fitness and wellness journey.”

Peloton has revolutionized exercise bikes and fitness tech, bringing all the tech of an in-class spinning experience into your living room. It’s by and large the most expensive bike on the market, but with it, you get 24-hour access to studio cycling classes. 

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