How NFL Athletes Maximize Power and Speed Via the Force-Velocity Relationship

While many NFL athletes lift at their heaviest during the off-season, due to the fact that they don’t have a packed schedule of football games to maintain, experts like Natalie…

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4 Hip Thruster Mistakes and Fixes To Improve Your Glute Training

When looking to grow a bigger, stronger backside, the barbell hip thruster is a go-to exercise as it targets the gluteal muscles better than any other lower-body movements. “The No….

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Why Did The Rock Go ‘Retro’ for His Latest WWE SmackDown Return?

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has certainly made an impact with his most recent return to WWE, but his latest appearance on WWE’s Friday Night SmackDown has tipped sports-entertainment fans over…

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The Healthy Lemon & Peanut Butter Pancake Recipe

Pancakes aren’t often thought of as fuel that is fit enough for athletes, but when it’s time for a treat or a well-earned recovery feast, there are few foods that…

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Get Rid of Man Boobs FAST (5-Step Plan for “Moobs”)

“Can I get rid of my man boobs quickly and naturally?” Awkward phrase? Sure. But that’s not gonna get us to shy away from the topic here on Nerd Fitness….

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Get the Results You Need When it Comes to Calf Training

This story has been told a few thousand times, but we’ll go again. In his bodybuilding heyday, Arnold Schwarzenegger was so embarrassed by the size of his calves that he…

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