Workout Roundup: This Gym’s Boxing Class will Leave You ‘Bailey’ Breathing

The punching perks of taking a boxing class are endless and range from increased lung power, elevated strength, to overall better conditioning. A true two-for-one cardio and strength workout, time well spent with the heavy bag is known for improving overall fitness, for everyone at any age (and not to mention, it blasts mega calories and relieves stress!).

With that said, there’s good news for members of the Jacksonville, FL’s Bailey’s Health & Fitness: “Boxing with Baileys,” the newest group-class addition, just dropped on its members this week, and it’s much more different than your typical pugilist program.

You’ll never get bored with this new, high-energy, action-packed, full-body conditioning boxing class. No more joining specialty gyms to get a killer boxing workout. Everything you need to get in the best shape of your life is right here! Known as Jacksonville’s top health club since 1981, Bailey’s gym features 17 locations across the Northeast Florida Region extending into Brunswick, GA. And with over 1800 group fitness classes per month, Boxing with Baileys is making its debut this week.

It’s a mix between a full-on intense boxing session followed by full-body conditioning exercises. The results are Mayweather type conditioning. A closer look shows that 75% of workout time is focused on boxing, while the remainder of the time is focused on resistance and bodyweight training.

Utilizing authentic boxing moves on the heavy bag, as well as conditioning exercises exclusive to boxing, members will increase overall strength, cardiovascular endurance, speed, agility, and core stability; all while learning the ropes of proper boxing form, and hand wrapping techniques to make the best of their boxing experience.

During a session, members will be guided by professionally trained boxing coaches who are there to motivate, encourage, and help improve the exercisers’ boxing skills, increasing confidence and ability.

The classes are designed and led by trainers who are well-versed and have hands-on experience in this type of workout helping strip body fat, relieve stress, and gain the confidence they need in the sport of boxing.

This full-body workout redefines how you train and gives members more class options than traditional group fitness classes!

FINAL SETSLife Time Fitness wants you to become an ‘Alpha’

What is like to be a part of the “Alpha” group? You’d have to drop into NYC’S Life Time fitness centers to experience its HIIT meets strength training meets METCON class. As Life Time puts it: “Success is measured in pounds pressed and distance covered.” Alpha is two classes — Alpha Conditioning and Alpha Strength — designed to build endurance and burn fat and enhance strength and athletic performance.” For more information on checking out one of these classes, go to

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