Why Jon Jones Should Consider a Move to the WWE

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Jon Jones retained his title at UFC 247 in Houston, TX, but the victory, like most of Jones’ career, was shrouded in controversy. Many believe that it was the light heavyweight challenger, Dominick Reyes—a boxing-savvy up-and-comer—who won the first three of five rounds and was deserving of the W. 

And considering that Jones’s last three title defenses were all close decisions, we’re not surprised to see him shying away from a purported move up to the heavyweight division. 

That doesn’t mean his proposed bout with Brock Lesnar won’t happen, though. According to Sports Illustrated, it seems as though “Bones” is seriously considering a move over to the WWE. All of the money with none of the uppercuts? That sounds like a good deal to us. 

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At this point in his career, Jones isn’t gaining much by taking fights with newcomers. He’s cleaned out two different generations of the UFC’s light heavyweight division, secured the record for most UFC title defenses with 14, and is firmly, and forever will be, in the GOAT conversation. Seriously, what is there left for him to do?

Every fight he takes from here on out is an opportunity for him to lose—and nothing more. While he’s an exciting fighter to watch, the WWE may be a smart move. Jones will be less prone to injury, make a ton of money (assuming he’s a hit), and won’t have to deal with the constant pressure of having a target on his back, or, rather, his face.


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Becky Lynch thinks Vince McMahon has a better Billionaire Strut than Conor McGregor (via @marcraimondimma)

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Former Bantamweight stars Ronda Rousey and Shayna Baszler have done it, and WWE Superstar and former M&F cover model Becky Lynch thinks that Conor McGregor could also make the move—so, what does Jones really have to lose? A lot less than if he keeps on fighting. 



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