This Top-Rated Hydrow Smart Rowing Machine Deal is $250 off

Best Buy is currently offering a discount on the Hydrow smart rowing machine which not only engages and works out up to 86% of the muscle groups in your body but also allows you to follow along on the built-in 22-inch touchscreen display. It truly offers a next-gen workout experience. Normally $2,495, it’s yours for $250 off, or just $2,245 all-in. Best Buy’s current roundup of deals won’t last long, so if you’re interested, you’ll want to get over there quickly.

Why You Should Buy the Hydrow Smart Rowing Machine

Hydrow’s smart rower did make it onto our list of the best smart home gym equipment, which should come as no surprise. Of course, it’s also at the tippy top of our best smart rowing machines guide. That’s because, while the machine was designed by rowers, it’s an excellent workout solution for everyone — working out up to 86% of muscle groups in the body. That’s more than double what you’d normally work out while running or cycling.

You also get access to live workouts, on-demand rowing and mat workouts, and unguided workouts, with support from the 22-inch touchscreen display built into the unit. You can also pivot the screen to do other workouts nearby but away from the machine, like yoga, Pilates, and more. All exercise and training regimens were filmed in “breathtaking” locations like the hills of Seattle, or the beauty of Seville. It’s like you’re leaving your home and venturing to far away and exotic locations, all the while working out and living a healthier life.

Yes, the machine is quite long, at 86 inches, but it’s still relatively compact overall and will fit in most living arrangements, big or small. The design is sleek and modern too, so it shouldn’t look out of place, unlike most gym machines. There are no chains, fans, or water tanks to contend with, instead, it uses an electromagnetic drag mechanism to provide resistance.

But the best part overall is the discount that Best Buy is offering right now, saving you $250 right off the top. Normally $$2,495, it’s yours for $2,245 all-in. When you factor in everything else it includes, such as the 22-inch touchscreen, the on-demand and live workout access, and the machine itself, well, that’s a fantastic deal. You can also have the system assembled by professionals if you want that support. Hurry though, the deal won’t be available for long.

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