These Kids’ 3-Ply Face Masks Only Cost $0.45 (and They’re in Stock)

Masks and face coverings have become a necessary part of our everyday. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has made it clear that they’re important: “Face coverings are one of the most powerful weapons we have to slow and stop the spread of the virus — particularly when used universally within a community setting.” But that doesn’t mean we love wearing, and especially not our kids. But getting kids the right mask can really help. But they can be tricky to find and not all pharmacies and stores carry kids’ masks. Dallas-based Honest PPE has three-ply kids’ masks ready to be ordered and shipped. They’re affordable, too, at only $0.45 each when you buy a minimum of 20.

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The most important element of these masks: They’re built to fit and protect kids. The CDC has said that all children above the age of 2 should wear masks. Getting kids to wear anything extra is difficult, even if it’s in their own best interests, but having masks that fit and aren’t uncomfortable to wear, is really important in this fight.

The three-ply face masks offered by Honest PPE fit securely on kids’ faces, ages 5-12, and are comfortable, safe, and dependable. The elastic hooks for the ears make sure they stay in place and make them simple to put on and remove. True to their name, these masks have three specific layers. Importantly, the inner layer of these masks, the one that will go over your kids’ mouths and noses, is constructed of super-soft facial tissue. The goal here to make sure they don’t irritate children’s sensitive skin, which can be especially so around the facial area. The next layer, the middle layer, has a high-density filter. This layer specializes in filtering out particles — everything from air particles to pollutants to allergens (like those from pets) — most importantly, the tiny droplets that can carry germs, like the coronavirus. The final blue outer layer is made of a hydrophobic non-woven material that doubles down on filtering out those droplets.


Each mask comes individually wrapped, so you don’t have to worry about them picking up all kinds of germs while they’re in your kids’ book bags or gym bags. They’re odorless, and they have a nose clip to help keep them comfy and keep them in place. The masks are FDA and CE registered, which means that they meet the standards of the regulatory agencies for the U.S. and Europe, respectively. And, they’re affordable. These disposable face masks cost 45 cents each when you buy a minimum of 20.

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