The Stay Home, Get Ripped, Total Body Workout Routine

From prospective clients to strangers on airplanes and vacationers at resorts, I’ve heard every excuse imaginable as to why people’s can’t make it to the gym: “I don’t have time to get to the gym” or “I’m social distancing myself,” “the coronavirus shutdown my gym.” I’ve even heard, “I’m going to work from home, lose 10 pounds, and then when all of this blows over, start going to the gym.” Stop the excuses, get some equipment, and work out at home!

Dumbbells should be the first acquisition. Whether it’s 10 to 35 pounds, up to 50, or a set of adjustables—that’s a good start. Next, find a quality jump rope that’s yours and only yours. Add a medicine ball, a utility bench, and, if you can swing it, a barbell with 150 pounds of free weights. And don’t get gouged paying retail—do your research. (Wallapop and Letgo are two apps that can lead you to deals on used equipment. And don’t forget about Craigslist and eBay.)

Don’t tell me you can’t afford it. Skip a couple of Saturday nights out with the boys, which according to most health agencies you should be doing anyway, and say no to poker, golf, fishing, and happy hour for two weeks. Ante up for your body.

Then put that equipment to good use by following this two-week at-home workout program. You’ll see results because your training will involve big-boy, full-body exercises with weights. There are intense intervals thoughtfully and scientifically sprinkled throughout to help you start knocking off body fat. There are hypertrophy exercises, strength exercises, and power exercises—but no exercises in futility. There’s running, jumping, calisthenics, and core work. And all of this can be done in the comfort of your own home gym, lunkhead-free.

Now check your excuses at your front door and go after it!


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