The Bright Health Foot Device Provides Infrared Pain Relief

Everyone knows that a bit of heat (or ice) can be the perfect thing to relieve pain. Bright Health Therapy hopes to provide just as much relief with its Foot Relief device — and without the need for a hot water bottle or an IcyHot Patch.

The Bright Health Therapy device transmits infrared light just below the surface of the skin to stimulate cells, increase circulation, and help oxygenate damaged areas. In other words, it’s aimed at promoting faster healing. Bright Health Therapy recommends using the device at least three times per day for 20 minutes at a time, but warns that pain relief might not be instantaneous; users might need to go through a few sessions before they feel a difference.

Bright Health Therapy notes that this device is intended just for pain relief and should not be used as a treatment or cure for issues like neuropathy or arthritis. While it might provide some relief, it’s not a medical treatment. It’s not just an idea, either — medical professionals routinely use light therapy to treat pain, especially in athletic and physical therapy environments.

Light therapy is a Food and Drug Administration-approved method for treating pain. It’s also one of the main tools in the fight against opiate addiction. When someone wants to avoid painkillers (substances that are increasingly frowned upon due to the frequency of their prescriptions), light therapy is an alternative solution. Until now, it hasn’t been available for at-home use.

The Bright Health Foot Relief device looks a little bit like a scale. You place your feet in the designated areas and rest them there while 124 medical-grade infrared and red light LEDs distribute the light throughout your skin. It’s suitable for all skin types, is easy to clean, and small enough to be stored away when not in use.

The Bright Health Foot Relief device is available for a limited time at the launch price of $200, after which it will increase to the regular price point of $250. If you suffer foot pain as a result of your job, because of sports, or just as a result of planar fasciitis, the Bright Health Foot Relief might not cure your problem, but it can ease some of the symptoms.

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