The Best Thermometers for 2020

Whether or not there’s a viral outbreak on the loose, it’s smart to have a reliable thermometer stashed away in your first aid kit. A high temperature can be dangerous and even deadly, and can be a sign of heat stroke or bacterial infections. Here are our picks for the best thermometers on the market to help you make an informed decision on which one is right for your home.

The iProven DMT-316 is our pick for the top adult thermometer. It can be used on the forehead and ears, and the DMT can take a temperature in a speedy 1 to 3 seconds. The digital display is large and super easy to read, which is great for when you’re feeling woozy. It can also recall up to 20 of your last temperature readings, and the screen will turn orange to red if your temperature is above normal.

If you prefer ear thermometers, the Braun Thermoscan 7 is a great choice. On the display, it will tell you what is a normal temperature and what is a fever for the age group of the ill person. The tip also warms up, so it’s super comforting for children and toddlers. Plus, the Thermoscan can take a temperature in just seconds and will light up yellow or red if the temperature is higher than normal.

No one likes having a thermometer in their mouth, which is why the Vicks SpeedRead V912US Digital Thermometer is a great pick. It can take a temperature in just 8 seconds. Another favorite feature is how big and clear the digital screen is. SpeedRead also has color-coded alerts for easy monitoring. For simple reading, the screen lights up green if the temperature is normal, yellow if it’s a mild temperature, and red if the temperature is high.

The Chooseen 8-in-1 Professional Infrared Temporal Fever Thermometer can be used on the forehead or in the ear, but it gets even more versatile. It can also be used to test the temperature of liquids, foods, the room you’re in, and other items. Chooseen can recall up to 35 temperature readings, and like other thermometers on this list, the display will change color depending on the temperature. The best feature is that it can take a temperature without touching the skin, so you can test a loved one without waking them.

Digital thermometer is the name for multi-use thermometers that can be used orally, under the arm, or in the rectum (though if you use a thermometer rectally you shouldn’t use it orally, according to the Cleveland Clinic).  Taking a rectal temperature is the most accurate way to take a baby’s temperature if they are under 3 years old, according to the Mayo Clinic. Your best bet is the Vicks ComfortFlex Digital Thermometer. It is somewhat soft and flexible, and it reads a temperature in just 8 seconds, so you don’t have to put your baby in too much discomfort. Plus, it saves the last reading, so you can see if the fever is getting better. If your child has a fever, the screen lights up yellow or red, depending on its severity.

A thermometer with an app is just a smart idea, and the Kinsa Smart Thermometer took the idea and went wild with it. The digital thermometer’s app can give you advice about what over-the-counter meds to take and when to call the doctor. It can also track the health of multiple people and offer medicine dosage reminders. Maybe the best feature is the Bubble game and Sesame Street mode. If your child can’t seem to hold still while you take their temperature or give them medicine, these modes are a great distraction.

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