Scott Stallings Has His Gear Bag Packed for His Best PGA Tour Ever

While the game of golf is still decided on the course, there’s so much more that goes into sustaining an elite level of play throughout the course of a season just showing up for your tee time.

Scott Stallings turned pro in 2007 and not only has seen fitness and training become a necessity in the sport but also in his personal life. The three-time PGA Tour winner once weighed 257 pounds. While he was playing well, he didn’t feel that way. He had always done some form of training but never had structure to his programming. Once he decided to hone in on his nutrition and training, he dropped over 70 pounds in under two years. Along with the physical transformation, his approach also changed.

Stallings’ recent partnership with Momentous is just another lane for the 37-year-old to help make sure he’s at his best before, during, and after competing.

“You can’t do the volume of play, travel and expect to manage the ability to hold a high output,” Stallings said. “The body just doesn’t work like that. I’m the perfect example. When I first got out there, I did nothing. I thought as long as I played good, it didn’t really matter. The next thing you know, age and time adds up and those are undefeated.”

After a recent west coast swing, Stallings unpacked some of his travel necessities and walked M&F through his picks that feature some of his favorites from Momentous — including everything from products that help optimize sleep and cognitive performance, to items from his new golf bundle that he developed with performance expert Dr. Andy Galpin—NoBull gear and the protein shaker that drives his caddie insane.

Scott Stallings
Momentous Fuel

This is my absolute go to. It’s just an unbelievable resource to be able to supplement your meals. You’re going to drink water and it’s a nice way to sneak in some electrolytes and carbs throughout the day instead of constantly having to eat. The Strawberry one is my favorite flavor.

Buy Fuel (12 single serving packets): $30, at Momentous

L-Glutamine, Creatine, Recovery, Fuel

This is part of a stack I put together. This is mostly post training. I’ll have this concoction before I go to bed. I have a cardio session in the morning before the Pro-Am and I’ll have this to make sure I can fully sleep through to my alarm.

Buy L-Glutamine: $39, at Momentous 

Buy Creatine: $31, at Momentous

Brain Drive, Rhodiola Roses Extract

Rhodiola helps with stress and how your body responds to it. Brain Drive is for pre tournament for cognitive function. Half my bag is for pre and half is for post. The Sleep Pack is to help what the coming down from what you’ve done on the frontend to help your body sort of come down and get in that recovery mode. The dietary part is huge but the supplementation is to have your cortisol reduction basically go in reverse. It doesn’t necessarily do it for you, but it helps your body response to that. When it does get in your body, I’m not thinking about the five-footers I had. I’m looking at the back of my eyelids and that’s it.

Buy Recovery: $46, at Momentous

Buy Brain Drive: $38, at Momentous

Buy Rhodiola Rosea Extract: $15, at Momentous

Buy Sleep Pack: $124, at Momentous

HWPO Training app

It came about during the US Open in Boston. I was training with the CEO of NoBull, Marcus Wilson. We were walking the course and he asked me if I could take him through the way I train. We had worked out before but it was always like a pre-programmed class and he had never seen me program a workout. We went to his gym in Chestnut Hill and I took him through about an hour. He didn’t really say anything and I’m thinking he’s trying to think of a way to get me out of my contract and I made a grave mistake. We’re having some coffee and He said, “I’m trying to figure out how many of those things you had me doing that I’ve ever done in my life and I can’t come up with a single time.” He told me I need to put out some programming.

HWPO CEO Matt O’Keefe was there and asked what I needed to put programming out and I had five years of programming from stuff that I’ve done. I needed someone to help me condense it, run the day to day and manage it. In about a month, he had the guy, I met him and we got it out. We just put out our next 12 weeks and it’s been really cool to bring what I do in my own life to the golf community who is trying to utilize fitness to help their game. The workouts are all clock-based and everything is all built into the app to help you utilize the full extent of what you’re capable of. There’s modifications and we’re building a traveling one right now. The biggest question is how do you train when you travel? If you don’t travel for a living, you don’t know how to do it. I’m proud of the programming and being able to utilize something in the health and wellness space to bring that to golf is a no brainer.

Join the HWPO Training app Here!

Colgate Max Fresh Wisp

I have these everywhere. I have Invisalign. My wife did it first and I wish we would have gotten stock in them. If you talk to anyone with Invisalign, they’ll tell you they’re always brushing their teeth. I have these in my golf bag and everywhere.

Buy Colgate Max Fresh Wisp (4-pack of 24): $17, at Amazon

O’Keeffe’s Working Hands

My hands are my life. It’s how I make my living. This is the most manly hand lotion I can find. We play and practice so much. I also use my hands a lot when I train and they take a beating. This is just to help make them a little more approachable instead of it looking like I put them through a blender.

Buy O’Keeffe’s Working Hands Hand Cream: $9, at Amazon 

Bobo’s Chocolate Chip Oat Bar and Larabar Peanut Butter and Chocolate Chip

These are constants and to be honest, I wouldn’t say these are my favorites in the world. But, they’re my favorite right now. I go through ebbs and flows and this was my west coast lineup. They’re fairly clean and high carb.

Buy Bobo’s Chocolate Chip Oat Bar 12-pack): $33, at Bobo’s

Buy Larabar Peanut Butter and Chocolate Chip (12-pack) $12, at Walmart

Mentos Pure White Gum

I chew gum constantly especially when I workout and I play. My dentist doesn’t love that because I take my Invisalign out but I don’t use my Invisalign when I play or train. My wife always laughs because I’ll take about four pieces in there and afterwards, I’m brushing my teeth before popping them back in.

Buy Mentos Pure White Gum (Four pack): $14 at Amazon

Rx Jump Rope

I normally keep the snacks in the bag with my jump rope. I’ll try and catch a quick workout and maybe I haven’t ate. So I’ll have something before going into the gym to not put myself at a huge deficit where I go and eat everything in sight.

Buy RX Smart Gear jump rope at Rxsmartgear

Voltrx Vortex Protein Shaker

This is probably the favorite thing I have. If you’re a guy that doesn’t want to carry all of your powders, this is for you. A buddy of mine gave me one of these and I love it. My caddie hates it because it ends up in the golf bag quite a bit, but I love it.

Buy Voltrx Vortex Electric Protein Shaker Bottle: $26, at Voltrx

Discipline Is Destiny: The Power of Self-Control

I had a chance to talk to Ryan Holiday a few times, trade information as far as what we do. He offers a little bit of a different perspective as far as when you go out there and you’re competing at a high level. This is his newest book that came out. I always keep something that he puts out relatively close because you don’t really have to follow the book in order. You can pick up at any chapter and find something that hits you right between the eyes. He does a really good job of putting in principles that were used thousands of years ago and making them applicable to life as a parent, husband, professional athlete, etc. where you don’t take yourself too seriously and give yourself a bit of a break, but also hold yourself to a higher standard.

Buy Disciple is Destiny: The Power of Self Control: $17, at Amazon

NoBull CrossFit Trainer+ and NoBull Runner+

The Runner+ is a new release for the Players Championship. They’re sweet and the Trainer+ is a go to for me.

Buy NoBull Runner+: $179 at NoBull

Buy CrossFit Trainer+: $149 at NoBull

NoBull Tee and NoBull Quilted Crew Pullover

This is just a training shirt and the waffle sweater is my favorite. I literally had a guy in the crowd at the Pro-Am in Phoenix ask my at the fourth tee if he could touch my sweater. I said yes, but it was like, get away from me after (laugh).

Buy Men’s NoBull Tee: $38 at NoBull

Buy NoBull Quilted Crew Pullover: $98 at NoBull

NoBull Horns Duffelback

This was literally my bag I used while on the West Coast. The relationship with NoBull has been life and career changing. It’s shocking the number of people that wear NoBull to tournaments. Being able to bring the brand to the world of professional golf is something I’m super proud of and don’t take lightly. It’s something that’s an integral part to everything that I do. My daughter always gives me a hard time. She’ll ask me “NoBull today, dad?” It’s pretty much NoBull every day [laughs].

Buy Horns Waxed Canvas Duffelback: $199, at NoBull

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