Dexter Jackson On the 2020 Olympia, Recovery from COVID & More!

2008 Mr. Olympia Dexter “The Blade” Jackson took time away from his retirement to join the crew at Monday Night Muscle for an in-depth interview. Hosts Bob Cicherillo and Shawn Ray spoke with the 5-time Arnold Classic winner in the opening episode of their second season about the conclusion of his illustrious career, testing positive for COVID-19, what his future business plans are, leaving the stage the way he wanted to, and other topics.

Testing Positive for COVID-19“Yeah, I got COVID at the Olympia. I don’t who I caught it from, and there were a lot of people back there. I could’ve caught it from anybody. Who knows?”

His 2020 Mr. Olympia Experience and His Family Joining Him Onstage“Amazing moment. I had no idea that was going to happen. I just felt people grabbing on me and s***, and I was like ‘what the Hell?’ But that it was my own family, man, that was amazing. I feel good, there’s no temptation about wanting to come back, none of that. I get up in the morning whenever I want. I go to sleep whenever I want. You know what I’m saying?”

His New Supplement Line“I’m getting ready to launch my full supplement line. Things are being pushed back a little bit because of COVID. But I’m scheduled to launch around March or April-ish, sometime in there. Full line, Dexter Jackson Signature Series, and 27 SKU’s I’m dropping right off the top. So I’ve been planning this for years, ever since I left Ultimate Nutrition. You guys will see real soon when the website drops what I’m talking about. I’m first class with everything I do.”

When He Knew He Was Retiring“I knew when I decided with my family, and with Gale. Me, myself, I like to plan ahead of time. So we sit down, we discussed everything, and when I put my mind to something, it’s over. Not just my mind when it comes to retiring, but my heart too. My heart lets me know, or lets you know, that it’s time to go.”

Leaving the Stage On His Terms“I wrote my own story out. Absolutely, and that’s why this feels so good. You got people saying ‘Dex will be back. Wait until a year has passed.’ When I say I’m done, I’m done. I have no desire to get back onstage.”

On the Potential of Hunter Labrada“I told him ‘there’s never been a son of a Hall of Famer that the kid outdid the Hall of Famer.’ So I told Hunter ‘you could be the first to do that.’”Other issues that Jackson talks about include how the rescheduling and relocation of the Olympia affected his prep, the irony that he placed 9th in both his first and final Olympia, and he reminisces about some of his all-time leading 29 wins as a pro.

Episodes of “Monday Night Muscle” are published every Monday afternoon on the Digital Muscle YouTube channel.

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