13 Fitfully Thoughtful Gift Ideas to Give to Your Loved One on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is the perfect occasion to show the special someone in your life (who loves all things health and fitness) that you care. Here are 13 Valentines gifts that do exactly that!

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Courtesy of Roman

Roman Swipes

Instead of swiping right in hopes of finding love, guys can give these Roman Swipes a swipe all around their manhood and keep love going a lot longer. These over-the-counter wipes that are clinically proven to help you last longer in bed. Just apply it, wait five minutes to dry, and you’re ready to go, and go, and go.

Purchase: $12 at Walmart.com

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Courtesy of FitVine Wine

FitVine Wine

Sip on this romantic, full-bodied wine, crafted with health-conscious people in mind. With 90 percent less sugar than average wines, and zero flavor additives, you can enjoy a glass of wine (or two) without sacrificing flavor or how you’re going to feel tomorrow.

Purchase: From $16 at fitvinewine.com

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Courtesy of Giesen’s

Giesen 0% Sauvignon Blanc Non-Alcoholic Wine

If you’re looking for the bold flavor of wine without the buzz, Giesen’s 0% classic Sauvignon Blanc is a must for your special day. With delicate aromas of fresh lime, red currant, lemon shortbread, and passionfruit, the alcohol is gently removed to preserve their signature crisp while capturing typical Sauvignon Blanc characteristics. New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc is world-famous for its distinctive fresh aromatics and crisp, clean flavors which makes pairing this zero-alcohol wine with your favorite Valentine’s Day dishes, a breeze!

Purchase: Starting at $17 at giesenwines.com

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Courtesy of Life Elements

Life Elements Recovery CBD Bath Salts

No matter what you’re recovering from—pain, anxiety, or a frustrating day, these Bath Salts are made to wash your woes away. The potent powers of Magnesium Chloride and broad-spectrum CBD will help relax your body, reduce inflammation, and promote deep, dreamy sleep. Draw a bath the love of your life and give the gift of relaxation and healing.

Purchase: $18 at lifeelements.com

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Courtesy of Honey Mama

Honey Mama’s Chocolate

What is Valentine’s Day without Chocolate? Fall in love with this nourishing and savory chocolate treat containing 5 powerful superfoods. Made with raw organic honey, organic coconut oil, organic cocoa or cocoa powder, and sprouted almonds, this velvety decadence is paleo-friendly, gluten-free, dairy-free, contains no preservative, or stabilizers, and is made in the USA. Perfect for getting your and your person’s chocolate fix while keeping it clean.

Purchase: $24 at honeymamas.com

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Courtesy of House of Wise

House of Wise ‘Smells Like Sex’ Candle

Light up your partner’s world all day and night and then some more as this natural soy wax blended candle with premium cotton wicks and custom fragrance oils can burn for more than 40 hours. It’s also nontoxic, and contains no lead, plastics, paraben, synthetic dyes, or phthalates. Your Valentine’s keeps getting better.

Purchase: $28 at houseofwise.co

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Courtesy of Ashleigh Van Houten

CARNIVORE-ISH Cookbook by Ashleigh Van Houten

Make a nutrition-packed meal for the special someone in your life or spend quality time together whipping up a tasty dish together. Whether you’re a lifelong meat-eater looking for new and creative ways to get more animal protein, or you’re finished with fads and seeking a health-boosting diet you can stick to, Carnivore-ish will help you enjoy a satisfying, protein-forward way of eating. In this book you’ll find: Tips to figure out your own “optimal diet” while avoiding unnecessary restrictions and marketing tactics aimed at keeping you confused, carnivore-ish meal plans made easy, with a breakdown of what a “carnivore reset” is and why it’s worth trying, 125 tasty high-protein recipes to please all palates and more.

Purchase: $36 at amazon.com

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Courtesy of Naboso

Naboso socks

Give your Valentine’s feet some love.  Really, what’s more relaxing than sensory foot therapy and mini-massage. With the all-new Naboso Recovery Sock, you can now release and recover your feet by simply wearing the socks. Developed by a podiatrist and Human Movement Specialist, Dr. Emily Splichal, the patent-pending neuro-stimulating Naboso texture on the inside of the sock acts like a mini-massage for your feet enhancing circulation, stimulating nerves, and releasing muscles and fascia. Consistent use of the Naboso Recovery Sock can bring the much-needed release and recovery that all of our feet deserve. Now that’s true love from the ground up!

Purchase: $60 at naboso.com

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Courtesy of The Optimal Body

The Optimal Body Portable 12 Piece Professional Therapy Tool Kit

Level it up with your Valentine this year and give the gift of increased mobility, flexibility, and strength. Developed by world-renowned Doctor of Physical Therapy Dr. Jen Esquer, this 12-piece therapy tool kit will help you address those pesky aches and pains, and offers accountability with a free 7-day plan for your back pain.

Purchase: $60 at amazon.com

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Courtesy of OnePlus

OnePlus Buds Z2

Perfect for the workout buff or runner in your life who enjoys sweating to their favorite jams minus unwanted noise; the OnePlus Buds Z2 is a new breed of buds. With active noise cancelation to drown out unwanted interruptions like wind and ambient noise, and 38 hours of battery time, this sweat and water-resistant set of buds is also wireless Bluetooth capable, and just 10 minutes of flash charging will give your loved one 5 hours of listening time.

Purchase: $80 at oneplus.com

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Courtesy of TENCEL

Molecule Bed Sheets

Get ready to snuggle and still feel “cool” even while staying in bed all day. Made of 52% cotton and 48% TENCEL™ branded Lyocell fibers, Molecule eco-friendly sheets are breathable, cooling, soft, silky, durable, and wrinkle-resistant. They are lightweight and have an airy feel to maximize comfort. Wrapping yourself in Percale Sheets is like coming home and putting on your favorite T-Shirt. The perfect gift to enjoy together this Valentine’s Day.

Purchase: Starting at $109 at onmolecule.com

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Courtesy of R8

R8 Plus Deep Tissue Massager

Give the gift of a relaxing massage with ROLL Recovery’s new addition, the R8 Plus Deep Tissue Massager designed to reduce inflammation and improve circulation. Apply the perfect amount of deep tissue massage force with the adjustable dial, and relieve stress in your significant other’s IT band, hamstrings, quadriceps, calves, shins, glutes, arms, and more.

Purchase: From $169 at rollrecovery.com

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Courtesy of Contenders Clothing

Contenders Clothing Lover and Fighter T-shirt 

Let’s face it, love can sometimes be a blissful battle. This T-shirt from Contenders Clothing, made with comfortable and durable cotton, shows that you’re skilled expert at both. Now that’s a balanced relationship.

Purchase: $28 at contendersclothing.com

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