10-Year-Old Rory van Ulft Reaches New Milestone Squatting Triple Her Body Weight

Van Ulft continues to distinguish herself amongst her young peers.

On May 24, 2023, strength athlete Rory van Ulft’s Instagram page shared a clip of the young competitor capturing a 100-kilogram (220.4-pound) raw back squat. According to the caption of the post, the squat is three times van Ulft’s body weight at the time of the lift. That means the 10-year-old weighed approximately 33.1 kilograms (73 pounds) for the powerful performance.

“I’m being told this one’s a big deal …”

Van Ulft wore a lifting belt and utilized knee wraps to help her notch this strength feat.

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Astonishing milestones of strength and power for someone in her age group are nothing new for van Ulft. The athlete has built a reputation for being uncommonly strong for someone who has spent just a decade on the planet. What might be even more impressive is that van Ulft hasn’t painted herself into a strength sports corner. She has shown proficiency with both powerlifting staples (like this squat) and Olympic weightlifting standards.

Some documented examples include van Ulft logging a raw 111-kilogram (244.7-pound) sumo deadlift while weighing 32.3 kilograms (71.1 pounds) in September 2022. Then, earlier this year, in January 2023, van Ulft recorded a 66-kilogram (145.5-pound) clean & jerk during the 2023 Variety Village Open in Toronto, Canada. The latter lift made van Ulft the youngest-ever person, regardless of gender, to clean & jerk double their body weight during a sanctioned lifting competition.

These days, in Spring 2023, van Ulft seems to be pushing it full steam ahead. Moreover, she’s showing off even more athletic versatility and coordination. Recent Instagram clips on van Ulft’s managed profile feature the athlete occasionally making a foray into competitive gymnastics. Given the distinctive contrasting demands of strength and balance in powerlifting, Olympic weightlifting, and gymnastics, it’s becoming apparent van Ulft can tackle seemingly any athletic endeavor.

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For a competitor dipping her toes in various strength sports and competitive fields, only time will tell what stellar milestone van Ulft next showcases in public. The only fact that seems inevitable in advance will be how much her achievement stands out for someone of her young age.

Featured image: @roryvanulft on Instagram

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