There’s a big sale on Theragun massage guns happening now

There’s plenty of good reason to shop fitness equipment with summer weather upon us, and weather you’re looking for the best luxury fitness equipment and accessories or some heavily discounted fitness tech, a massage gun is a good tool for the toolbox. Theragun is one of the best names in the business, and right now Best Buy is discounting quite a few Theragun models. Theragun makes different massage guns for different budgets, leaving a lot to explore when it comes to this sale. Free shipping and same day in-store pickup are available on most purchases.

Why you should buy a Theragun

A massage gun is a nice piece of tech to have on-hand if you’re a workout warrior or have a regular fitness routine you adhere to. Several of Theraagun’s most popular models are seeing discounts as part of this sale, and most of them would pair well with the best fitness workout accessories for your smartphone. Starting things off on the lower end of the pricing spectrum is the , which is an impressive discount considering it would regularly cost $200. It’s a good entry level Theragun model and sits nicely in the $150-$200 range of this sale.

On the higher end of the pricing spectrum you’ll find the . This is also the largest discount available in the Best Buy Theragun sale, making for a savings of $170 from its regular price of $600. There’s also plenty to choose from in the middle price ranges of this sale, with both the and models seeing significant discounts. If you don’t know much about massage guns and aren’t certain which Theragun model is the right one for you, you can shop by customer rating and browse the Theragun models rated , and if you’re itching to put a new Theragun to use you can browse which Theragun models are .

This Best Buy sale makes a great opportunity to snag a new massage gun, and by one of the best names in the business to boot. Click over to Best Buy to explore what sort of discount you can find on your favorite Theragun model, or to explore which features and price point may be right for you.

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