Seven Most Impressive Examples of Sylvester Stallone Owning Instagram

On the big screen Sylvester Stallone outlasted Apollo Creed, clobbered Clubber Lang, and defeated Ivan Drago. He outdemolished Simon Phoenix, went over the top on Bull Harley, resurrected The Expendables three times and Rambo five times. On the small screen he’s hosted Saturday Night Live, appeared as himself in the hit show This Is Us and had a recurring role in Las Vegas.

Now, on the smallest screen (your phone) he’s become an Instagram fitness star, posting grueling workouts (the dude is 75!), motivational quotes, blasts from his workout past and even sparring sessions with current boxers.

Don’t think that M&F hasn’t been keeping tabs!

In fact, these are the seven times that Sylvester Stallone, a bona fide Muscle & Fitness cover star in 2004 and 1985, impressed the hell out of us:

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